Benefits of App Store Optimization in 2021

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App store optimization (ASO) has become an increasingly important part of digital marketing in recent years. With nearly 2 million apps on the Apple App Store, and 3 million apps on the Google Play Store, the app industry is an incredibility competitive market, especially for newer apps. A staggering 65% of all app downloads are a result of people simply searching the app store, thereby making it the most common and successful way for apps to be found, and subsequently downloaded.  When you combine these factors together, it is imperative for an app to achieve a high ranking within the app store to improve its visibly and thereby chances of being a success. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through app store optimization. 

What is App Store Optimization? 

App store optimization is the ongoing process of improving the content on an app’s product page on the Apple and/or Google app store so that is ranks higher in search results. Like search engine optimization (SEO), this involves targeting and optimizing the areas that are analysed by the app store’s algorithm, including text, images, and keywords. At the same time, the algorithm also considers areas that are dependent on the user, such as reviews and the number of downloads, when deciding where apps should rank. Overall, when it comes to improving an app’s organic search results, app store optimization is the best way to do so.  

Benefits of App Store Optimization 

In addition to improving an apps ranking, there are several reasons why creating an app store optimization strategy is a good investment.  

1. Improves Brand Awareness 

As the purpose of app store optimization is to improve an app’s ranking, it therefore also helps with brand awareness. As most people discover new apps simply by typing in keywords and searching the app store, having a good ranking means that people who may have never heard of an app before will be introduced to it, and, if it helps with their needs, download it. Therefore, app store optimization plays a significant role in making users aware of an app’s existence, and subsequently the existence of the brand it is associated with. As any marketer will tell you, improving brand awareness is one of the most important steps in obtaining new customers and generating revenue.  

 2. It Saves Money in the Long-term  

As previously mentioned, organic search results are the most common way apps are discovered and downloaded by users. Therefore, by investing the time and/or money to get an app ranked higher in search results, potential users will be more exposed to it in their browsing. By achieving and maintaining a good position in the app store, the cost of increasing brand awareness and acquiring new users will decrease, as appearing high in search results will do that for free. As a result, by dedicating the resources to obtain a good ranking in the short term, could save further acquisition costs in the future.  

 3. Targets Relevant Users  

One of the good things about app store optimization is that is allows a company to target the market they desire. As the search engine algorithm scan pages for relevant keywords when deciding how to rank results, by spending the time to research and figure out the terms and phrases being searched by a target market, a business can incorporate those same words into their app store page. This ensures the people who find the app are the people who are most likely to use it, thereby making app store optimization useful for a brand to reach their audience.  

 4. Higher Conversion/Download Rate and Increased Revenue  

Utilising app store optimization improves an app’s visibility within the app store, which will result in more people finding and looking into the app, and so increasing the chances of downloads occurring. If the purpose of the app is to generate revenue, the more new customers acquired, the more revenue will be generated. 

 5. Makes an App More Sustainable 

Unlike other forms of marketing, app store optimization is more dependable for generating consistent downloads. For example, take paid advertising. When a company launches an advertising campaign, it does tend to result in more downloads, but once the campaign has reached its potential (e.g. it is costing more than it is worth bringing in new customers) and/or the marketing budget runs out, then paid advertising fails to be a realistic and profitable way to get word about the app out. It is not sustainable as a long-term plan. However, with a solid app store optimization strategy in place, an app will remain prominent, relevant and have downloads for years to come through appearing regularly in organic search results. As such, app store optimization is a good long-term strategy to maintain the visibility and stability of an app at no extra expense to the company. 

Where to Start With App Store Optimization? 

So now that you understand what app store optimization is, and why it is important to an app’s success, the next question is, where do you start with optimizing your app’s store page? Luckily, there are many resourceful articles and tutorials online, many of them for free, that will introduce you to the subject and provide helpful tips and strategies.  

The only thing is, is that just like with most forms of marketing, app store optimization is a time consuming and on-going process that requires a good understanding of it to be done successfully. Furthermore, many of the elements of the app store page that need to be optimized, such as screenshots, videos and icons, requires skill in creative fields, which is a resource that may not be available to you. Likewise, to have the highest chance of success, it helps to have a detailed understanding of how you and your competitors apps ranks in the app store, as well as other app store analytics, which are often only accessible through expensive software.  

While it is possible to do app store optimization yourself, it can be worth looking into a company that specialises in it. At todoMobile, we have the expertise and experience to create and implement a quality app store optimization plan. Our diverse team consisting of marketers and designers can easily handle all the areas required for app store optimization, and we have access to the latest tools and software that will enable us to create the best and most accurate strategy possible.  

If you are interested in finding an expert to do your app store optimization, consider looking into us further. You can learn more about us here.


In a time where there is an abundance of apps on the market, it is becoming more and more difficult for a company to have their app seen on the app store. This concern is amplified even more when considering that most apps are discovered through highly competitive search results. However, by investing in a good app store optimization plan, a company will be able to significantly improve its app’s reachability and have an elevated chance in this saturated market, thereby allowing it to reap the benefits app store optimization has to offer. 

August 31st, 2021

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