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Brand awareness is certainly an important aspect that allows for a regular heart beat to occur among the crowds online. In this current climate, programatic campaigns can generate the level of audience development that a brand can leverage for recognition and recall from its respective potential market. 

The elements of inventory, data and devices goes far beyond impressions and marketing heads should be investing more time and dollars in awareness campaigns but under certain criteria: 

What elements are important to consider when investing in brand awareness campaigns? 

  • Market Research done through various panels has proven there is a significant preference for brands that hold high awareness in the eyes of the consumer 

  • The consideration phase is often overlooked by marketers whereas this can generate an exponential growth factor for future purchases post campaign 

  • Rather than focussing on performance metrics and promotional gimmicks, branding sets up equity for the long term

  • A campaign that brings positivity to a brand allows for growth to take place faster 

Here are 5 tips to take into account for your brand campaigns to take off on Programatic: 

1) Access New Audiences with Multiple Deals 

Creating multiple deals allows for spreading your campaign across different segments in your target market, vertical and or category. Do what you can to increase recognition and relevance through a strategy that will yield and influence as many potential people of interest within a given DMA (designated market area).

2) Employ Rich Media with Consumers 

A lot of buzz with rich media, but it’s here to stay. Video and or animation mixed with banners can make a massive splash with your brand incorporating this medium in your campaigns. From a graphic design standpoint, you can design some great formats in PSD’s and then convert into the latest HTML 5 formats and storyboard a number of different setups that will buzz your audience. 

3) Broadcast your Growth by Retargeting your Best Performing Creatives 

Take a look at your different sizes, imagery and see what formats have yielded the best CTR’s then really push the best 1-2 for a 30% increase in investment from your original budget. This works because through experience, frequency and reach are the two most important factors that will trump brand awareness and start creating a vitality that will show in the numbers. Topping up investment on your best creatives more often than not will create the level of exposure that will enhance your brand awareness. 

4) Look at ways to Boost Native Placements Directly 

There are ways to direct deals with publishers while on the open exchange in parallel. Native advertising is just a matter of building long lasting relationships in order persuade a placement in a contextual setting that barely resembles advertising. When this is done effectively, such as in in-app, it can create the type of boost that will build familiarity and favourability for consumers.There are networks and or platforms that will allow you to send your campaigns within very high-profile, brand-friendly publications, but it’s probably better to reach out direct to said publisher and negotiate something in parallel. 

5) Measure your Brands Awareness Week to Week 

Everyone has different ways of measuring. When it comes to figuring what your brand analytics solution or formula is, just make sure that whatever it may be, that it is measured week to week. You may need to generate your own benchmarks and trending reports which will focus on impressions across top sources, viewability and or CTR. Without looking at the data, it’s hard to improve week to week. Figure out the best reporting that works for you based on what is extrapolated from the raw data. Work with your operations people to output the reports every Monday so that tweaks to the campaigns and or other decisions can be made. 

Ok so, this was some top level brand awareness advice on programatic that can take fuel the growth of your overall revenue. When it comes to branding, it makes sense to have the right tools, design and execution in place to thrive. A good call to action never hurts as well as long as it is soft. 

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