Showing Green: How Eco Friendly Marketing Can Improve Your Business

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As people develop increased awareness and concern for the environment, adopting green practices has become an ethical and effective way to set your small business apart.

The average Canadian small business owner will spend about $5,000-10,000 starting their company. You may spend more on some eco-friendly materials and processes, but this can have far-reaching benefits. Imran Ali Khan pictured his Toronto-based start-up, Facedrive, as a “people-and-planet first” alternative to more wasteful ride-sharing apps. Facedrive has spread to multiple Canadian cities in only a few years and has the potential to expand into the U.S. market. The success of Facedrive is owed in part to a strong marketing campaign. Customers need to know you’re there. Luckily, there are eco-friendly ways to market your business; Todo Mobile presents a few tips below.

Communicate Your Goals

Green practices can become a selling point for your business. Eco-friendly insignias and logos can quickly communicate your values to your potential clients. If you’re using more sustainable production models, materials, or packaging, utilize that as a selling point. Letting your customers know that you’re committed to protecting the environment brings in business while holding you accountable for your goals. 

Walk the Walk

It’s important that you be honest and transparent about your green initiatives. One of the quickest ways to alienate your customer base is green-washing. Very few products are completely biodegradable, free of toxins, low emissions, zero waste, ethically sourced, and made from all recycled materials, so marketing your business as perfect is likely to make clients suspicious. Customers don’t like feeling misled. It’s far better to run as ethical and green a business as possible while being honest about what you’ve accomplished and how you’re making progress on your goals. 

Join Local Initiatives

Customers like to feel they’re part of something and engaging with the community can improve your public perception and the environment. Collaborate with charities and other green businesses to plant trees, clean up trash, and install community gardens. Run a recycling drive. Fundraise with a walk or event that helps your customers get in touch with nature. These events are great ways to communicate your values while actively improving your local landscape. 

Use Social Media

Online marketing is a more ecologically friendly promotional tool than billboards or flyers, and it has a far greater potential reach. A good social media campaign can have an international reach with a relatively low environmental impact. Social media has the additional benefit of letting you see your customers’ reactions to your campaigns and business model in real time.

Influencer marketing agencies have specialized experience in helping you reach as many customers as possible. It may be worth looking through online job platforms and researching to find an agency that works for your budget and goals. 

Live Up to Your Values

Devotion to sustainability affects every aspect of your business model, but it also comes with substantial rewards. By adopting green practices and communicating them clearly, joining local initiatives, and promoting yourself online, you can create a sustainable business model that lasts and does real good in your community. 

Marketing in Canada doesn’t have to be a lonely enterprise — there are many experts who are ready to help you. Visit Todo Mobile today to find resources and advice on mobile marketing.

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