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Last month, our Founder Carlos Sutter had the opportunity to join the panel in the latest BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) Huddle to explore the new state of mobile marketing alongside Somo Global’s Chief Strategy Officer Ross Sleight as Chair.

Digital consumption is reaching all-time highs and the pandemic stormed a hurricane in mobile usage globally. The two biggest players in the market are positioning themselves with major changes in regard to privacy for users that will completely alter digital and mobile marketing as we know it. Tracking, retargeting, and analytics are just a few of the areas that will be negatively affected when the dust settles, and the new order is in place.

A few notes regarding the background of this event would require going back in time of todo’s origins in London. It was a step to reinforce, albeit from a distance, some key relationships and to divulge into a topic that was hitting the airwaves and is still reaching its peak.

The biggest take away from the whole flood of webinar activity is profound. In some cases, webinars make sense in that dialogue and debate is encouraged among panelists. Launching a webinar from a distance has certain dynamics that are very interesting as it enters unchartered territory regarding screen hellos and healthy discussion.

Content is the most important consideration in how to engage an audience. The fact that we are discussing advertising and the impact of new measures is a huge sigh of relief. The industry needs a big reality check when it comes to privacy but almost more importantly user experience. Many companies focused their efforts on an over reliance for data science that it got in the way of quality advertising. Ad networks need to give their heads a shake and adapt rapidly in order to stay relevant. Many large players in the space may start a type of proverbial street fight as cookies disappear along the IDFA. Large think tanks are working to strategize the best way forward while taking into account best practices that previously would have been seen as an antiquated approach.

The following few months will be crucial for publishers in particular who wish to monetize their content in the most effective manner possible and advertisers will need to work more closely with their publishers in order to concentrate on their creative and regular refreshes. This is where the real work is going to be done moving forward. It was privilege to discuss these subjects with other marketing professionals who really understand the significance of the upcoming changes to the world of mobile marketing.

In this discussion, we dive deep into the impact of these changes and what we see for the future of mobile advertising. Visit the link here to gain access to the recording to learn how mobile marketers can adapt and succeed in this new landscape.

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February 15th, 2021

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